Come to think of it. isn't it weird how there aren't a ton of cheap "X-Men" knockoffs already? This is one of the few and it's exactly how you expect it to be; cheap, simplistic, silly, but bad as well? Well, kind of.

It's a very typical SyFy channel movie. You already sort of know what to expect from it. before tuning in to it. That's if you're familiar to the SyFy channel. It isn't exactly know for its high quality movies and it's usually something stupid and incredibly cheap looking, but occasionally it's being some great fun as well. That sort of goes for this movie as well, that definitely is not boring or truly horrendous to watch.

Luckily the movie knows to be fun, despite the fact that it's of course being far from original or all that creative. It's predictable and lacks some truly great- and big action moments in it but it has a good pace and never too many needless distractions in it.

It's a very straightforward movie. There isn't much story, but I have to admit that there was still enough there to still keep me interested. It helps that the movie never does anything too ludicrous with its story or themes. At least not within its genre. It's science-fiction, so of course it has plenty of fantasy elements in it, but it works out pretty well within the movie, that successful manages to create a world of its own, with its very own rules and logic in it. I actually liked the simplicity of the movie. It kept things light and pretty enjoyable to watch. It's basically a perfect movie to watch on a lazy afternoon or late at night when you really have nothing better to do.

The whole cheapness of the movie still holds it a bit back though. The effects of course are quite horrible to look at but it isn't stopping the movie from using a ton of them. Luckily the movie as a whole remains a well enough made one, with some capable directing work, camera-work, etcetera. It's still a very flawed movie, especially during its action moments, but in a way this adds to the fun of the movie as well. It's of course not one to take very serious to begin with, anyway. That's what I actually like about most SyFy productions; they are simple there to entertain you and more often than not they deliver on that, despite its very questionable quality.

Of course far from great, but at least it's fun enough to watch.


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