Well, I admire the movie for being its own thing and I can also definitely see and appreciate what it was trying to be, but I can't really call it a very successful movie as well.

It's attempting to be a more slower- and deeper type of movie. A more philosophical movie if you will, without ever becoming truly deep or interesting though. The problem with it is that it never goes anywhere new or provoking with any of its themes. It's not a deeply religious movie, it's not engaging enough as a period drama and the characters are too lacking to ever feel involved with anything, as a viewer.

It's all a bit weird to watch. It's as if the movie is trying too hard and attempting too many things at once. It most likely would have been far better for the movie to focus on just one main character, instead of on a whole bunch of them. That way things could have developed better and more naturally, while being more engaging to watch as well. Instead it now feels like the movie isn't really going anywhere with any of its themes and main plot-line and none of the characters go through an interesting enough transition for the deeper and more provoking layers of the movie to work out.

I'm actually surprised how a whole bunch of well known actors show up in this movie. It's definitely not a big production, which probably indicates that the movie in its core and at the start of it still showed plenty of potential. It's not the idea of the movie that's necessarily 'bad', but more so the execution of it.

Thing that also bothered me about this movie was its atmosphere. Sure, it's all well shot but at the same time also far too bleak in my opinion. It's a very grey, dirty, raw and depressing movie to look at, which was all very deliberate. Despite being shot in Ireland there is not a speck of green or any other color to be found throughout this movie. It's just not the most appealing thing to look at for 96 minutes straight.

The movie unfortunately isn't made any more interesting by some good adventurous elements or any good action. As I said before, it's a more slow type of movie and I wouldn't necessarily call it boring, but there still is too little present in this movie to turn it into a spectacular, memorable or very engrossing one.

Not all that enjoyable- and just never engaging and provoking enough as a movie in order for any of its themes and ideas to fully work out.


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