Well, isn't that surprising; a horror movie combined with action- and sports movie elements. And you know what, it actually works out pretty well!

Main thing about this movie is that it's being original, despite 'borrowing' heavily from a variety of other movies. It manages to bring things in an original way, by combining a whole bunch of different elements. Sure, it goes a bit too far with this at times, especially toward the end, but overall it makes the movie a very pleasant and mostly unpredictable one to watch.

It's a movie that's trying to be different, without overdoing it and turning into a too messy one that's doing multiple different things at once. It's actually doing a whole lot of different things, but it's never doing it all at once. The one moment the movie is the one thing, while the other it turns things around completely and almost turns into a totally different movie. Probably not everybody is going to like this, but it in my opinion kept the movie fresh, fun and unpredictable to watch.

It's a low-budget production, that besides apparently got shot in just 13 days, but it's a movie that uses its budget well. It's never trying to be more than it is and despite its restraints it still features plenty of fast paced action and gory moments in it. It besides is a pretty decent looking movie. It certainly has a professional look to it, with some good camera-work, directing style and editing. It's true that the acting probably still is a give away that the movie just isn't the biggest and most professional production imaginable, but overall it definitely remains a good enough movie and one that's being way better than just the average low-budget genre attempt. And trust me, I have seen plenty of low-budget productions...

But yes, the movie does kind of loses it toward the end. It's also true that the movie in my opinion could have done without all of the more 'fantasy' aspects. It was good enough as a horror and action flick and really didn't needed the final 15 minutes and the 'twists' and 'surprises' it brought with it. It all was a bit too much, as if the film-makers suddenly decided to go all out. It however really went at the expense of its credibility.

Far from perfect, but the movie remains a fresh, fun and engaging enough one to consider it to be an above average genre attempt, that besides features plenty or creativity and originality in it.


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