When the biggest spoiler of the movie is in its title you know you are in for a pretty crappy and lazy movie. And indeed, "The Wrong Crush" does an awful lot wrong. It's both a far from convincing or very original movie and therefore doesn't work out as a very engaging or entertaining one to watch either.

And really, the fact that it's a made for TV movie is not an excuses. Sure, most of these movies are pretty weak and formulaic to begin with, but the main problem with this movie really isn't its originality. It's simply the execution of all of it that's lacking, in just about every department. The acting, the writing, the directing. It's not only all very safe, but it's also too forced and far from convincing all.

It's basically a thriller without any thrills in it. Not necessarily because the story doesn't provide the movie with any, but more so because it lacks a good build up. The way things progress and happen never feel very natural and it as a matter of fact comes across as far fetched. It's even silly how the movie throws in some twists and other story developments without ever worrying about making it believable. I of course won't spoil anything, but the one development is more silly and far fetched than the other, even by TV-drama standards.

Because of its lack of credibility, it's also very hard to care about anything that happens in the movie and for any of its characters. The characters are cardboard stereotypes anyway, with all some very exaggerated character trades. When someone is good, some one is extremely good. And when someone suddenly goes nuts, someone really goes nuts! There is no middle way so to speak. Sure, some of the characters go through some transitions, but thing about this also is that it never feels natural and far from convincing as well.

It of course also has a typical TV look to it, which is not necessarily a complaint but it in my case often makes it hard to take the movie serious. It's a cheap and fixed look, without really any style or atmosphere of its own to it. The acting is also definitely of 'TV quality'. Granted, the dialog and characters are written awfully but the actors also really don't know how to manage to turn any of it into anything remotely convincing.

Just overall a poorly done movie.


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