Well, this movie is really something. On the one hand I really admire and enjoy it as an action flick, but on the other it is still such a bad movie as well that I just can't recommend to anyone.

I generally enjoy action movies that feature a wide variety of action in it. Fist fights, some martial arts, gun fights, explosions. This movie definitely has all of that in it, which most definitely is also the reason why it still remains a remotely watchable one, since the story, characters and action are all incredibly lacking.

It is especially the acting that lets this movie down. It is not just bad, it is absolutely terrible! All of the actors are either terribly uncharismatic or they are hard to understand, since English isn't their native language. And nothing wrong with that of course, but it does become somewhat of a nuisance when 90% of the cast consists out of non-native English speaking actors.

The movie basically feels like a big waste of some wonderful locations and pretty decent looking action sequences. It at times still looks pretty clumsily, but generally speaking the action is pretty good and professionally shot. Certainly professionally choreographed as well! Most actors definitely lack acting skills, but they make up for this with the their moves and fighting skills. It is absolutely true that you forget everything else when the action is on screen. It is not quite enough to save the movie, but it at the very least does make it a pretty enjoyable one at parts.

I am still not really sure what the story was supposed to be all about. Just a bunch of good 'guys' against a bunch of bad 'guys'. That is often all you need to know and it is enough to help to make a movie go forward. Guess that is also true for this movie, till some extend at least. It remains somewhat annoying and confusing how the movie is constructed and doesn't even attempt to ever be anything remotely surprising or even well though out. It is lame, it is cheap, it is simple, but yet I am still convinced that some action movie lovers are still going to enjoy this movie, mainly also because of this very same straightforwardness and simplicity.

Some good action in an otherwise very poorly made movie. Watch at your own risk...


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