As odd as it is, this movie still really had tons of potential in it but in the end it unfortunately is nothing more than watching a bunch of guys, with too much imagination, playing a board game.

Because that's really what it comes down to; this movie features nothing more than a bunch of guys sitting around a table, talking gibberish about an imaginary game and world. The fantasy elements are all terribly disappointing and far from imaginative and exciting to have to watch. It really lacks all of the fundamental things to make this an engaging and fun movie to watch. No good story, no good characters, no excitement.

It's safe to say this movie is a very lackluster one. I guess you still could say that there is some action in this movie, but it's certainly nothing to get excited about. It's all so incredibly weak, nonsensical and just tough to watch. You most certainly shouldn't go watch this movie expecting to get tons of fights, imaginative worlds and any fantasy monsters. Actually none of that is in this movie really. It's all very low-budget and all that you see is, most likely, the director's basement, where most of the movie got shot.

And honestly, I really was with the movie at first. It was stupid, it was cheap looking, but at least it seemed like the movie was going to be fun. The actors most definitely seemed to have plenty of fun with it, but as the movie progresses it becomes painfully obvious how little the movie actually has to offer. It's also barely over 70 minutes short, which still feels too stretched out. The movie so easily could have been under 30 minutes short, since it seemed to be lacking any good ideas how to handle its concept and make this movie an interesting enough and fun one to watch.

The low budget of the movie could be seen as an excuse for its poor quality, but really, it's no excuse for its lack of imagination and creativity. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to ever go see this movie.


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