It's weird how this movie sets up a promising and original enough sounding concept for itself, but does very little with it. As a matter of fact, it's nothing but a gimmick, used to seem like an interesting and original movie, but in the long run it's really nothing but a formulaic and forgettable little thriller, in which the most interesting of ideas get misused, making this even a somewhat messy- and just plain bad watch.

Sure, the movie has plenty of mystery but the problem with it is that the events that happen throughout the movie are just odd, rather than something that comes across as scary or threatening. There isn't a big enough 'conflict' so to speak, which makes it very hard to get involved it as a viewer. It does not only make the movie uninteresting and for most part unappealing, but even quite boring. There just isn't enough to this movie, even though the concept of the movie provided the movie with plenty of opportunities. Like I said, the concept of the movie is nothing but a gimmick, that actually seems to have little to nothing to do with the overall main plot-line of the movie. This also ensures that by the end the movie leaves far more questions than answers, which is rarely ever a good thing. As a matter of fact, nothing gets really explained at all, which is just lazy film-making and writing in my opinion. There just really isn't much to this movie when it comes down to its mystery and suspense.

The movie seems more concerned about- and occupied with its love-story than any of its mystery and thriller elements. And really, that's perfectly fine, only thing about it is that it doesn't make the movie any better or more interesting to watch in this case. The whole romantic angle of the movie falls flat, which is not only due to some poor writing but also a lack of chemistry between its two leading characters, played by Teresa Palmer and Michiel Huisman, of which especially the latter seems miscast for his role.

Huisman is supposed to be an average guy you could sympathize with, but I really wasn't buying it. He was trying a bit too hard to be an average Joe, while neither his looks or acting abilities made him suitable for the role. And really, this guys has some gymnastic rings hanging around in the middle of his living room, which he uses for excessive, for crying out loud! Do you have any idea how hard it is to have respect- and empathize with such a person?

But it's more than just a miscast movie. The romance gets forced upon you and lacks a decent enough build up. It's unclear why this people fall for each other and what they do have in common. Sure, the movie tries to explain this later on, but come on! There has got to be something more for two people to fall so madly in love with each other. They don't seem to know each other at all and I really wasn't seeing or feeling any connection between the two of them. Again, this is not just due to a lack of chemistry between its two leads but more due to its poor writing, which is nothing but lazy and convenient, without ever being too concerned about any realism and credibility.

On the surface it remains a good enough looking movie, with plenty of good and original, interesting sounding ideas in it, but the end result remains nothing more but a lackluster, unappealing, weak movie without either any good enough mystery and tension or romance and drama in it. Most probably not the worst movie you will see this year, but most definitely one of the most forgettable ones.


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