As you would expect this really is nothing more but just another low-budget and generic horror flick, with as an only difference that it's actually worse to watch than just the average genre attempt.

Don't really know what it is about this movie. It actually starts off promising enough when it's still unclear what direction the movie is heading at. Is it a haunting house flick? Is it a slasher? Is it something totally different and original? Once it actually starts to become more clear what the movie is trying to be and do, things rapidly become worse to watch. Once most of the mystery is all gone the movie has no idea how to keep things fresh and interesting.

I won't spoil too much, but as it turns out the movie is actually being a very generic one, without any new ideas in it. And I do understand that not every movie can be an entirely original one and really, that can be OK, as long as the movie is a well made enough one. This unfortunately really isn't the case for this movie. It's a horribly cheap looking one, with a totally wrong and lifeless, dark atmosphere and some terrible editing and musical score. Sounds like minor complaints, but in this case the music and editing really takes away a lot of tension for the movie and it actually ruins some potentially effective scares.

And I'm actually giving the movie a point deduction for its final minutes. The twists- and more importantly the execution of it, are absolutely terrible. Of course these movies always want to have a surprise twist, which too often results in something totally ludicrous. So please film-makers; focus on making a good movie rather than building up to a surprise twist that falls flat, mostly because it's so incredibly random and interchangeable with any other type of twist. It rarely makes much of an impact, because it's so out of tone with the rest of the movie, which definitely is being the case for this movie as well.

Nothing about this movie really impresses. The writing, the directing, the acting, it's all really below average. There also really aren't any other redeeming qualities, such as a some good gore or scares, which often can still make these type of movies worthwhile. It's safe to say you are not missing out on anything by skipping this movie.


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