Well, that was surprising. What seems to be a very formulaic and predictable thriller at first actually turns out to be quite a refreshingly original and well made one. For the first half anyway. It's true the movie more or less looses it toward the end but the movie still deserves plenty of credit for being such a creative- and well put together one.

Thing I especially like about this movie is how it isn't using any tricks. It isn't filled with gun fights, explosions and chase scenes. It instead relies on its build-up and situations for the thriller elements to work out. It's the way how it puts its main character in some pretty dangerous and gut-wrenching situations. It works because it's made believable. Most things don't feel exaggerated and come across as something that could happen to you or me, either today or tomorrow. But I say most things...Fore the movie definitely is not without its mistakes and it does tend to become a bit unrealistic once it starts heading towards its end.

The longer the movie goes on, the less convincing it gets. There is no denying that the movie makes some odd choices with its main character and story. Without giving away too much, it's pretty amazing the amount of stuff the main character is getting away with and it's crazy how he puts himself into some dangerous situations, that in the long run seem totally unnecessary as well. Really, if only the main character just sat back and left things to the police...But then we wouldn't have had a movie of course! Fact however remains that it all goes at the expense of the movie- and the main character its credibility.

It's therefore fair to say that the movie consists out of a great, original and effective first half, while the second half of the movie is more of far-fetched one, that besides leaves far too many loose ends and questions. Having said that, it really doesn't completely ruin the movie. It remains a perfectly watchable one, due to its original premise, its nice looking locations and some decent enough acting by some capable and well known actors.

Despite all criticism it really remains a perfectly fine and watchable, little -but professional- thriller, that still offers plenty of originality, excitement and entertainment. Really worth giving a go, as long as you don't expect to love every element about it, since it most definitely is not without its flaws.


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