A new Jean-Claude Van Damme movie always used to be a big thing. Well, for the fans of him anyway. Nowadays it's usually nothing more but another, cheaply made, throwaway movie, without anything truly spectacular or memorable happening in it. This movie really is no exception to that.

I would even say that this movie is being a below average one, as far as these cheap and simplistic type of action-flicks are concerned. It's not just that the story and action is weak, it's also the fact that the movie as a whole is a far too messy to watch, that makes this movie such an incredibly poor and forgettable one. It's the way the movie is constructed and gets told that makes it a nearly unwatchable one at parts.

The annoying thing about the movie is that it's mostly getting told through flashbacks. This way you already know who's going to survive and how things are more or less going to end up like. It takes away the sense of danger and urgency from the movie, which also isn't ever present during any of its action sequences or more dramatic developments. It's a very empty and hollow movie, that's devoid of any sort of good emotions and realism in order for the characters and story to work out. Just a bunch of tough guys and gals acting all cool and invincible, while punching and shooting their way through this mess. The movie really lacks a clear main goal and villain in it. You know, all the basic stuff that's needed to make a movie engaging, exciting and fun enough to watch.

There is also never any real room for anything to develop. It's mostly set at just one location and the story is very straightforward, without any real side-plots and interesting secondary characters. The main characters and story themselves are also never made interesting. It's therefor really hard to care about anyone- or anything that happens in the movie. I wouldn't call it boring but due to its approach and execution the movie does become a bit of a task to watch and finish. The ending really provides no satisfaction neither. It's a terrible and lame "The Usual Suspects"-wannabe type of ending, let's just leave it at that. Not even original or very well executed at all.

I'm also fairly sure that the action in this movie isn't going to excite anyone. There is plenty of variety and sure, Van Damme still has some moves, but it's all extremely poorly shot and put together in the editing room. It all really lacks excitement and true creativity. It's nothing that you haven't seen before and it most certainly isn't going to blow you away neither.

Just not worth your time. Not even if you are really into B-action and/or Van Damme in general.


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