Well, this really is one big mess of a movie. I truly don't understand what this movie is trying to do. Is it supposed to be serious? Is it supposed to be a comedy? Anyway, it doesn't work out all, not even in an enjoyable 'bad-movie' kind of way.

It's not just that the movie is a confusing mix of horror and comedy, its story is all over the place at well. It can't ever seem to focus and instead of following one clear main plot line it features a bunch of flashbacks and side-plots in it as well, that are only distracting and really don't add much to the overall movie and main story. It makes things so incredibly annoying and unpleasant to watch that it's actually hard to finish watching the movie.

It's as if the movie is too afraid to be gory and scary, or that it has no idea how to handle this. This explains all of the goofy moments in the movie, that never work out as anything funny. It's weird, in an incredibly uneasy and unsatisfying kind of way.

It of course remains hard to tell if this movie genuinely would have been better as a full blown and more straightforward horror movie or comedy but at least the movie would have had a better focus and more clear style to it. It's now trying to be too many different things at once, which makes this movie a terribly messy and far from effective one.

Thing that also doesn't help much is the fact that it's a very cheap looking and feeling one. It almost has an amateur-like 'quality' to it, with its sound, camera-work, directing and acting. It's still a pretty impressive movie in some ways, such as with its gore and makeup but in other regards it really remains nothing more but a cheap amateur-project, that somehow made its way to DVD. The bad and cheap elements of the movie definitely outweigh the somewhat decent ones.

Just skip it.


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