It's funny to see how many Chrismas movies are out there that feature (TV) journalists as its main protagonist. It got me thinking and it actually makes somewhat sense. Journalists are often looked upon as fake and cold persons, who are detached from the real world. In other words; perfect candidates for a Christmas movie, in which cold people's hearts always warm up and grumpy and unhappy people turn into the happiest, friendliest people you'll ever see. Sure, it's all very forced and far from realistic but these type of movies are never about realism of course. It's all about bringing joy and giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling, while cuddling up with your loved ones in front of the TV while watching the movie. The Hallmark channel has a very good understanding of this and they keep pumping movies such as this one out faster than fake snow from a snow-machine. If you're in the right mood and into movies such as this it's really quite a treat to watch.

That still isn't saying much about its quality though. Aside from being far from original and always quite predictable to watch they also are never the most impressive movies to look it, with its TV quality look. The script, the acting, the directing, it's never among the most impressive things you could expect from a movie but yet it still often serves its purpose, and it serves it well, as also is the case for this movie.

But lets be honest here, this is more a romantic movie than a Christmas movie really. It cleverly makes use of some the typical Christmas themes but in the end it really isn't a movie that's all about the Christmas spirit. It's a story about two people falling in love again, after a long split. And while it's all very tame and predictable it's also very cute and harmless at the same time. You should never expect big twists or any serious drama from a movie such as this, that in its core is still all about being fluffy cutesy entertainment, for the entire family to watch. The story works out quite well due to the characters and chemistry between its two main actors.

There still is no way anyone could ever call this a great movie though. It's just far too predictable and by the numbers for that, Really, is there any doubt in anyone's mind whether or not the two main characters are going to end up together? i mean, I don't want to spoil it but the answer starts with 'yes' and it ends with 'of course'. 15 minutes before the end it also already really starts to become apparent how the movie is going to end, and indeed, it ends exactly in the way you expect it to. The downside of playing things safe, though the lovers of these type of Chrismas movies are obviously not going to care! And rightfully so. Let's be thankful that not ever movie is an heavy and serious one and some movies are still being made to simply entertain and bring joy to everyone, also without thinking about making as much money as possible.

It's good for what is is. Perfectly fine and harmless for the family to watch around Christmas time, or any other time really.


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