Guess that the movie deserves some points for originality however there apparently can be such a thing as trying too hard to be different and a thing of its own. In doing so, the movie becomes a bit messy at times. Not necessarily complicated to follow but more unpleasant to do.

The movie is trying to do a bit too many different things at once. On the on hand it's trying to be a mystery, on the other a drama and then there are some suspenseful thriller elements in it as well. Sounds good and appealing perhaps but it's a combination of different elements that never works out well for the movie. No doubt that the movie would have benefited from it if it focused on being one thing instead. it's now trying to be far too many things at the same time, with as a result that none of the elements work out effectively enough.

But no, this even isn't the main problem with the concept of the movie. As a matter of fact, the first half of the movie is pretty decent, as it builds up the tension and sets up the atmosphere. There is some good mystery-element to it but this very same mystery soon starts to become a problem for the movie. It's keeping you in the dark about things for way too long. You basically have no idea what is going on, or what all of the characters want, which sounds good for a paranoia type of thriller but the movie never gives you enough information to root for anyone or care about anything. It seems to think that by keeping its viewers in the dark for as long as possible people will stay interested and that it should be enough to keep them on the edge of their seats but instead it lets the viewers feel detached from the story and characters of the movie.

Once you do realize that basically none of the characters are necessarily 'good guys' things get even worse to watch. All tension gets ruined when there's no one to root for and you just don't care anymore about what's happening and how things are eventually going to end up for all of the different characters. With everything wrong with this movie, I genuinely believe that this is it's biggest flaw and the main reason why it works out as a mostly unappealing- and far from engaging movie to watch, despite the fact that the movie features plenty of good thriller moments in it.

You still keep the feeling that this is a movie that very easily could have worked out though. It's mainly because its such a good- and professional looking movie, that also features some pretty decent acting in it. There otherwise also really isn't anything 'bad' about this movie, aside from its flawed concept. The execution of the story is pretty decent, which makes it all the more such a shame that the story itself has so many different flaws in it.

It's still far from the worst movie you could ever watch but not one that's really worth your time either.


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