What's this? A Christmas movie from the WWE Studio's? Well, why not, right? Luckily the movie is totally different from what you would probably expect it to be.

Sure, it's a movie from WWE, starring a bunch of wrestling stars in it but the movie itself actually remains a genuine, formulaic but decent, Christmas movie with plenty of entertainment in it. It most definitely is no WWE or wrestling propaganda. Sure, there are a couple of fight scenes but nothing too extreme or even serious of course. After all, it's a family movie, though I actually believe that this movie is still more enjoyable to watch for adults.

The movie features a pretty simplistic and 'childish' main story and concept but the humor seems to be mostly aimed toward adults though. There actually is plenty of sexual innuendo throughout the movie. Not saying that movie isn't suitable for kids though. It's a perfectly fine and harmless little family movie, with also plenty of fun moments and characters in it for the kids to enjoy.

It's a fast paced and pretty snappy movie, which really helps its comedy. It's never too childish, never too forced, never too self-aware. It's a well handled comedy that's clearly not the strongest or most original one around but really, it's far from cringe-worthy or anything terrible.

And for a movie that stars a bunch of professional wrestlers (though to be fair, there aren't that many of them in the movie) the acting is also pretty decent as well. Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin definitely is a pretty good and likable main lead, even while his characters starts off as a sort of Scrooge like character. He has plenty of charisma, never fumbles his lines and he's able to handle all of the comedy pretty well. He even is pretty convincing as a businessman, despite his bulked-up appearance. I also think that the movie made the right choice not to cast too many professional actors in this movie. It makes the whole thing a whole lot more credible to watch and it allows the non-professional actors to play off the professional ones, such as the more experienced AnnaLynne McCord and Eric Keenleyside.

The story remains a very simplistic one of course and in this case also a bit of a simplistic one. This really feels like a movie that could have used a few more extra characters in it, some more side-plots and maybe one or two better and more threatening villains as well. It's all a bit too straightforward and predictable. I also doubt that this is a movie you could watch multiple times and enjoy it every time you watch it.

Obviously far from the perfect or most original Christmas movie around but it surprisingly still remains a pretty good and definitely entertaining one to watch!


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