It sounds like a fun slasher, it looks like a good movie but no, this movie in fact is a far from good or fun movie really!

It's one big mess! there's no structure. No good main story, no good characters, not a clear enough point. It's a real problem how this movie is hardly following any story or even hardly features any characters in it that you can relate with. I don't even know who was supposed to be the main characters in this and there basically also is no real likable character in the movie at all. Everyone basically is a despicable character, that you won't ever care about, also because you never truly get to know anything about them.

It's also incredibly annoying how the movie keeps jumping back and forth between all of its many different characters and story lines, that don't ever feel connected at all. It makes the movie both messy and confusing to watch, which is the main reason why the movie also never becomes fun or entertaining in anyway, despite its very self-aware, tongue-in-cheek type of approach. It's not a movie to take very seriously in the first place but then again, what's the point of watching it if it's never anything fun or entertaining?

And I guess that movie is very busy trying to be a social commentary on Hollywood, celebrities and reality TV shows and socialites in particular but if a movie isn't much good or remotely interesting to watch, it of course isn't a very effective social commentary neither.

I only hope that the film-makers weren't genuinely thinking that they were making some artistic and profound to watch, though I fear that this may very well have been the case. It's a very flashy, almost psychedelic like movie, using fast cuts, weird camera-angles and odd colors. But does it bring anything to the movie? Does it help the story, does it make things more appealing to watch? No, because most of it is awful and not even all that creative or innovative as it seems to think it is. It makes the whole movie more annoying than anything else really.

Not shocking, creative or entertaining enough for a movie of this sort. That, next to a whole bunch of other problems, makes this movie one that you should skip.


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