Forget about all those 'poor' people who died inside the 'bad building' but think about the poor souls who have to sit through this movie instead. They are the ones truly suffering!

It's true that most modern, low budget horror productions aren't much good or original to watch but this movie isn't just 'not good', it's plain terrible! In more than a few ways it feels like an amateur production, that lacks a good story, with any likable- or well developed characters in it.

No wonder this movie is only 75 minutes short, it's an incredibly simplistic one that's almost entirely set inside an abandoned building. But even 75 minutes short the movie feels overlong. It makes the movie an almost agonizing one to watch, that never manages to hold your interest with any good mystery or tension for instance. The movie feels very random with its story and things in it are mostly going nowhere really. It's basically a movie about a bunch of people entering the one room and floor after the other, while occasionally running into some 'danger' or some weird paranormal phenomenon, that makes no real sense. All the rooms and floors look different, so it never actually feels like this movie even got shot in the same building, which works very disorientating and not in a positive kind of way.

It's not like this movie couldn't have worked out but one of the main problems with it is that there never is one clear main danger or mystery in it. In order for this movie to work out the building itself should had been turned into a character itself and while the movie tries to attempt this at times, it never even remotely succeeds with it. As a matter of the fact; the movie doesn't even seem to be able to handle its human characters well enough, so let alone a building!

There are quite a few characters in the movie but we literally get to know absolutely nothing about them. No interesting back-story, no good distinctive personalities to any of them. Seriously, who are all these people and why are we supposed to care what happens to them?

The movie feels cheap with its settings, story and characters but also definitely with its bad poor acting, lack of good editing and poor sound quality at times. It all adds to the reasons why this is a far from pleasant movie to watch. Everything about is below par and there even't isn't any good blood and gore or any original and fun killings in it for the horror lovers to enjoy.

It's a mess to watch, in which nothing good or interesting is ever happening. The lack of good storytelling- and film-making skills besides ensures that the movie never has a good and natural flow to it. Things just happen, without a good build up, which all truly helps to make this one of the worst genre attempts I have seen in a long while.

Yes, so maybe it's a bad building but it most definitely is a far worse movie!


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