This movie has mainly one thing going for it and that is its originality. But is it also enough to make this a good and interesting enough watch?

It's not really all that easy to answer. it's a movie with plenty of good elements but also one with plenty of things in it that prevent it from ever turning into a truly great- and absolutely must-see movie. Personally I do feel and believe that the originality is enough to make this movie a good watch but I also most definitely understand the people who see this movie as less impressive and even bad one.

Let's just say that it's a far from conventional movie, with its concept and way of storytelling. It reminded me of a whole bunch of other horror movies but the overall style and approach of it still felt good and unique enough to take this movie as an original one. It's also somewhat to truly call this a horror movie. Sure, there are plenty of horror themes and gore but it's best to see this as a thriller instead, despite its horror-sounding concept and visuals.

But also no need to overpraise this movie though. Sure, it's being an original one, for most part but it at the same time isn't always doing much interesting with its concept. It feels like the movie is mostly stalling at parts, just to keep its mystery going. It isn't always providing you enough information, which at times also results the movie turning into a slightly less interesting one to watch, instead of a successfully engaging and good mysterious one.

I also most definitely wasn't impressed with all of the 'twists' and story-developments. Things felt needlessly complicated at parts, which in this case went at the expense of its credibility for me. The movie also never truly hooked me, which maybe is due to the fact that the characters feel underdeveloped for most part. You only gradually get to know the characters, as the movie keeps giving you tiny bits of information, while the movie is slowly progressing.

The fact that the movie wasn't always the most interesting and engaging one to follow for me also definitely had to do with its dialog. While the acting actually is pretty, the dialog feels lacking. Maybe it's because it's never realistic enough, maybe because it's mostly going nowhere with any of the dialog between its different characters, or perhaps (and most likely) it's simply a combination of all of this.

It's an original- and no way near a terrible movie but it also most definitely isn't for everybody. It's worth giving a shot though if you're in the mood for something different and feel fed up with predictable horror/thriller movies involving a serial killer or a simple straightforward type of story.


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