"Pixies"...Basically a movie about Tinkerbell's ugly cousins, without any of the magic and charm of a good children's movie.

Whenever I watch a movie like this I try to look at through the eyes and mind of a child. Would I enjoy watching this movie if I were still a kid? Most definitely not! It's simply no fun to watch this movie. It lacks good characters, a decent enough story and even comedy-wise this movie has very little to offer to young children.

I can't really even tell you what this movie is supposed to be all about. The story is that non-existent and terribly uninteresting to follow. It feels messy how the 'Pixies' plotline and human plotline rarely ever feel connected to each other, which not in the least is also due to it that it takes about 30 minutes before the main human- and Pixy character finally truly meet face-to-face. And to put that in perspective; the movie is only 78 minutes short, including credits.

The story lacks a good main plotline but also other basic things, required for a good and fun animated children's movie, such as a villain, funny sidekicks and some good jokes and other comical moments. I just really can't see how a child could possible enjoy watching this movie. There is just nothing good, fun or magical in it!

It isn't even a very appealing movie to look at. The animations look cheap and clumsy, such as the moment when 2 of the characters are supposed to kiss but the lips aren't even able to touch each other because of the poor animation. It probably was the only moment of the movie that made me laugh but for all the wrong reasons obviously. By today's standards the animations simply are not acceptable and with today's technology there also is absolutely no reason for this movie to look as bad and as cheap as it does. It's also kind of creepy how the main protagonist looks like a 40-year old guy, while his love interest looks more like a 14-year old girl, due to the way how the characters are animated.

It's a 'lazy' and simplistic movie in every regard. With its animations, with its story, with its characters but also definitely with its voice cast. All of the actors sounded disinterested and I don't even know why actors such as Christopher Plummer and Bill Paxton agreed to do this movie (well, money of course). There also was no reason for them to get cast. While watching the movie you'll have absolutely no idea that you're listening to the voices of Christopher Plummer or Bill Paxton. Their names look good on the posters and cover but their presence really doesn't add anything to the movie itself.

Do yourself- and especially your kids a favor and go watch another animated movie or simply a cartoon episode of a show on TV instead.


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