The preservation of mankind has never been this boring to watch. I mean like wow! I don't have the attention span of a 10-year old but that doesn't make me immune to boring movies.

I just really, really don't get what the film-makers were trying to do and say with this movie. There is no good main story, no interesting characters, no good tension, no mystery. no nothing really. There is absolutely nothing in this movie to ever grab you or to peak your interest with.

It's obviously one of those slower and more serious type of science-fiction movies, which is fine and can work out very well, however not in this case. Slower and more serious type of science-fiction can be absolutely great and fascinating to watch, as long as they mange to deal with some interesting and thought provoking themes and issues. So what are the themes of this movie? I have no clue really. I also really don't know or understand the purpose of the whole story, that for most part really doesn't seem to go anywhere with anything. It's not that the story is complicated or anything, it's just that there hardly seems to be any story at all. It has an interesting sounding premise but the movie does absolutely nothing with this. It's a movie about some big themes and serious issues, however none of the themes and issues come across as 'big', important or interesting as well.

This all maybe still could have been fine, as long if the movie had some solid and interesting main characters in it. That not the case however. The characters are all flat ones, that you hardly get to know at all and there also isn't a very good chemistry between the two main leads Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou. They are too different from each other and never have any good or interesting interaction with each other. And we are supposed to believe that these guys have been living together for, who knows how long.

It's also funny how this is a science-fiction movie that absolutely never feels like one as well though. It's mainly because the movie constantly feature the same settings, that don't look futuristic at all. You never get a good sense of the world that it's set in, or a good understanding why things are the way they are in this movie.

It was obvious to me that the movie was being deliberately slow and vague about things to provide the movie with a certain style and atmosphere. All of these movies want to be the new "2001: A Space Odyssey" it seems but very little seem to understand what it takes to create a fascinating and engaging movie, that has a wonderful artistic style and is a feast for the eyes and mind. In other words; everything that this movie isn't.

Also it's disappointing to see how this movie isn't ever effectively building up to anything. There are some scenes in this movie that could potentially have worked out as some tense one but they never do. The movie seems to have no clue how to handle its tension or mystery and how to tell things in a both engaging and interesting way. The lack of good sound and music also add to the reasons why none of the tense moments in the movie ever work out as such.

I won't say that this is one of the worst movies of the year but it definitely is one of the most boring and forgettable ones though!


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