Oh no, Andrew Jones does it again. He took two popular and recognizable words associated with the horror genre, slapped them together and voilĂ ! There's a formulaic sounding movie title for you! Good and clever marketing of course but at the same time also terribly uncreative, cheap and even somewhat annoying. When I see a title like this I'm even inclined to say that a movie like that already deserves a couple of points in deduction but no, don't worry. Once I got passed the title I was able to take the movie for what it was and I even have to say that there were some genuinely good and interesting elements in it.

The movie still remains a very mixed bad though. I for instance was really liking the movie when it was working on its mystery and setting up the story and tenons but whenever there was supposed to be a jump scare or other horror related elements in the movie, the movie fell flat for me. It's an odd thing of course; an horror movie without any good or effective horror in it and I also do believe that this is going to be the reason why most won't like this movie but to me it still luckily had some good things to offer as well.

I for instance liked how the movie sounds and looks formulaic but actually is a quite original one when it comes down to its story and the way it gets told. It most definitely isn't a predictable movie to watch and it does a pretty good job fooling its audience at times by turning into something different then you would expect.

It also has a pretty good style of its own. It doesn't try to rush things or feature tons of cheap jump scares in it. It really doesn't try to force anything upon you. Sure, there are still plenty of generic moments in the movie and it heavily 'borrows' from a movie such as "Poltergeist" at times but compared to 80% of all other modern horror movies this one definitely does a pretty good job with taking an original approach to things. It isn't one of those movies that feels or looks like any other, low-budget, modern horror production, which always is a positive thing to say.

In short this is a movie with plenty of good ideas and elements in it but not everything works out well enough though. All of the horror falls flat, which is the main reason why most won't like this movie but it's still one that never becomes terribly unappealing to watch. It's just too original and creatively put together for that, though I definitely wouldn't go as far too call this movie a great or totally recommendable one as well.


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