Oh man, how to even approach this movie? You know what, I'm not even going to say that it's a low-budget movie, I'm just going to take it as an amateur production, since it really doesn't look and feel like a movie made by professionals. And guess what, I really can't say that it's a bad movie for an amateur production.

I have definitely seen my fair share of low-budget- and amateur productions and there just is no denying the fact for me that this movie was one of the better and more impressive ones that I have ever seen. No, of course it's not a great one, or one that everybody absolutely MUST see. As a matter of fact, most people probably won;t even be able to finish watching this movie or appreciate any aspect of it. But it's like I said, for an amateur like production, made on a shoestring budget, It's actually still quite an accomplishment and it even is a pretty well made movie.

The movie doesn't start off much promising though. At first it seems that this movie is going to be a teenage boy's fantasy and it looks more like one that got made by a guy who played a bit too many Halo and Call of Duty games but as the movie progresses it luckily soon start to become apparent that the movie has plenty of originality in it as well. As a matter of fact, it really isn't trying to be one or two particular movies, as these type of movies often tend to do. No, it's really being its own thing and it actually does a pretty decent job setting up its world and characters.

It's one of those movies set in a dystopian future, in which a group takes on the system. Doesn't sound like anything too original or exciting but the story really has some good elements to it. One of the things that is particularly good about it is that the movie never turns into a predictable one. It helps to keep the movie fresh and interesting to watch but at the same time it also makes it somewhat of a messy and confusing one. At times you just really don't know anymore who the good and bad guys are, which seemed to be intentional but not less annoying or confusing because of that.

One of the things I also really don't get about these sort of productions; If you're going to make a movie without any budget, why choose to do a science-fiction and action production, that requires tons of special effects and futuristic looking props, sets and costumes? Needless to say that the special effects are never convincing, though at the same time I also have to admit that the costumes and props aren't all that bad and not even the cheap and simplistic looking special effects were all that terrible. I have most definitely see far worse, even in professional movies, that cost 10 times more.

Even the acting was pretty acceptable. There wasn't one performance in the movie that made me cringe or made me hate the character. Not saying that any of the characters were all that strong or well written but the movie nevertheless did a pretty good job with them, which definitely helped to make the movie a perfectly watchable one, that doesn't even annoy with anything. It also never bores and it luckily really has plenty of creativity and originality it.

It overall is a pretty well done and shot movie, with a few clumsy moments in it but even the more complex action scenes still look acceptable, even though some characters seem to be able to survive barrages of bullets and CGI blood is always a big no-no with me.

As long as you can accept that this is an amateur movie and take it for what it is, you'll see that this movie isn't all that terrible and should be able to have a pretty good time with it as well.


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