Drones are HOT! Or well rather said, drones are a hot button issues and this movie tries to exploit that. It adds nothing new to the discussion about the use of military drones and it isn't necessarily making a stand for- or against anything as well. It makes this a rather 'tame' and ultimately forgettable movie.

Really knew nothing about this movie before I started watching it but if I had, I doubt that I would have still watched this movie. Basically all that it involves is two people sitting in a room arguing whether or not they should drop a bomb on a, supposedly, terrorist's home. Movies like this can work of course but only if you have some solid writing with some great dialog and fine actors to handle it. This movie has none of that really. The writing is predictable, the dialog not realistic enough and the acting...well, at least the actors are still trying but they are just not given enough good stuff to work with.

It's neither a pro-war and pro-drone movie but it neither is one that's taking a stand against any of it. You can praise the movie for being as fair and objective as possible and for not taking a stand but it really actually is a weakness of this movie. It plays things safe, which also means that it's being a very formulaic one, that isn't engaging and not emotionally hard hitting, while it obviously was supposed to. It's never taking things far enough for it to work out as a thought-provoking and hard hitting movie that's going to leave a lasting impression. There just is no good reason for you to ever watch this movie, not even when you're interested in its subject.

Because of the fact that this movie almost entirely is set inside of one single room it also tends to drag in parts and becomes a bit of a boring one after a while. There just isn't enough variety in the movie and nothing in it works out as interesting enough. Even though the movie only is 90 minutes short, it feels way too long. Not saying that this movie would have been a better one had it been 20 minutes shorter, since it wouldn't have changed all that much about the actual main story and overall quality of the movie but it at least would have made the movie a tad bit more bearable to watch for me.

I really won't call this movie a terrible one, since it just isn't ever doing enough with anything but that at the same time also is the movie its biggest problem. It's a very simple, formulaic and forgettable one that doesn't have the guts to ever do anything thought provoking or special with its main premise.


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