It's an easy thing to say but this movie truly feels like a poor man's "American Pie", mixed in with elements from "Groundhog Day".

By saying that this feels like a poor man's version of "American Pie" I mean that everything about it feels less interesting and is less effective to watch. The comedy is not as good, the characters and situations all less relatable and the overall writing is noway near as solid or original. It actually is a very predictable movie and not just because it constantly repeats itself.

It's true that the movie is predictable due to its main concept but also really due to how certain things are set up. Once a certain character gets introduced and their relationship to the main character of the movie gets established, you basically already know in advance what's going to happen to these characters and who's going to end up with who eventually and even why and how. It was disappointing to watch really. The movie offered no surprises and the story was lacking in creativity.

Danger about these type of movies also always is that they can start to repeat itself after a while, since it features a concept that involves a character reliving the same day over and over again. And yes, that definitely unfortunately is being the case for this movie. Again, this is mostly due to the lack of any truly creative writing, that could have potentially kept things fresh, interesting and fun to watch. The situations they came up with...well, my biggest problem with it was that none of it ever felt likely enough and therefore none of it worked out as convincing or engaging to watch.

Thing about the comedy of the movie also is that it's the type of comedy that sometimes keeps you waiting for it to develop into something funny or to reach a 'punchline', that however never comes though. The comedy falls very flat at times, while the comedy basically is the only thing there to keep the movie going. Without the comedy the movie would have even been more bland, so I'm still glad that the movie at least tried and that it still has some hits in it as well. It's also not an entirely terrible or too boring movie to watch but it's still very disappointing to see how little the movie is offering.

Not a very original or effective movie and ultimately also a very forgettable one but still somewhat enjoyable to watch when you have absolutely nothing better to do.


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