What at first sight may seem like yet another generic and cheap genre movie actually turns out to be a surprisingly well made movie, with also plenty of originality and creativity in it.

One of the main things that always bothers me about these cheap sort of production that involve violence is that they are often going for a realistic approach, while they just don't have the quality- and right talents involved with it for it to ever work successfully as anything realistic enough. This movie luckily is different though. The big difference is that director Kelly Dolen seems to know and understand what to show and what not to show and how and when. It may sound like an exploitation movie, that glorifies violence but it actually is a more subtle movie than just that, that actually focuses more on its story and storytelling, without ever turning into a too clich├ęd and predictable one.

It's actually true that the movie has quite some surprises in it and takes some interesting approaches to its main subject. At times the movie seems to be one thing but then it turns out that it's actually being something totally different and this happens quite a few times throughout the movie. It also definitely helps to keep things fresh and interesting to watch.

It's all the more amazing when considering that this movie was made on a shoestring budget, without any real big names involved with it to carry and guide the movie. Not saying that it visually is a very impressive looking movie with some mesmerizing acting performances in it but the movie nevertheless manages to come across very professionally.

Because the movie takes some unexpected turns at times it manages to work out as a far more provoking movie than just the average genre attempt. The writing is still somewhat flawed and simplistic at parts but overall it still successfully keeps things interesting- and going at all times.

Not saying that this is an absolutely brilliant movie and a definite must-see but it absolutely is a far better and more effective movie than I had ever anticipated and it's definitely worth seeing!


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