Most people of course only know John Cusack for his great and big movie roles but it's an absolute fact that he quite often pops up in these sort of low budget movies, of questionable quality, as well. This movie normally would also fall into that category, were it not for the fact that the movie actually is a quite amusing and decent one.

Really wasn't expecting it but I really ended up liking this movie. No. it's not a great movie by any means but it at least provides plenty of entertainment. It's just one of those dumb action flicks, with plenty of humor thrown into the mix. It's also a better than average movie due to the fine acting, especially that of John Cusack.

It all seems and sounds like such an odd and unlikely combination; John Cusack and Thomas Jane together in a low budget Australian action movie, directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, who is still best known for the horror sequels that he directed in the '90's. It also so easily could have turned into an absolutely dreadful and unoriginal movie but the movie main thing that makes this movie a perfectly watchable and enjoyable one is that it manages to work out as a still original enough one, due to its approach.

It's never a completely serious and straightforward movie but it never gets too silly with anything either. The comedy is still a bit off at times and I can certainly understand why some people would consider it as something awkward, lame and unfunny but personally, it all worked out as quite amusing for me and it definitely helped to make the movie a pleasant one to watch. It kept things light and entertaining and I honestly never felt bored while watching it.

Of course the story itself still remains quite basic but at the same time I also liked how things were kept as simplistic and straightforward as possible. It sticks to its main plot line and two main characters at all times and there is very little room for anything else to ever really develop. Sounds like a bad thing perhaps but this just is the type of movie that should have as little story and characters in it as at possible. It's just more enjoyable to watch that way and it probably also is true that if this movie in fact would have featured some more story lines and different characters in it things would have most likely worked out as something absolutely awful, since the movie just doesn't have the right quality of writing, directing or right amount of budget for things to work out as solid and convincing.

It's cliché to say but just sit back and enjoy this movie!


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