This movie is certainly watchable but is it worth recommending as well? Meh, I really don't think so.

It basically is some very typical stuff in which a family moves into a small town, when strange things start to happen to them. And no, don't worry, no ghosts this time but a bunch of weird and suspicious acting locals instead.

It's a very typical and basic movie in the sense that it uses the usual template. The story is told and constructed in a predictable and formulaic way, meaning that the first half of the movie gets used to set up the mystery and some of the suspense, including using a bunch of false scares and the second half of the movie gets fully used for its 'horror' and the movie isn't really holding back with anything anymore. One of the problems I also have with these type of movies is that the contrast between the more quiet and subtle first half is just too big with its more loud and blood and scary second half. That's definitely being the case for this movie as well, though at the same time I still have to admit that it didn't bothered me as much as it usually does.

It's mainly because the movie still remains a pretty well done one. I never felt bored or truly annoyed by anything and the movie has a pretty good pace in it. The story unravels slowly but it luckily never turns the movie into a boring, repetitive or overlong one.

The acting also definitely is pretty decent. Sean Patrick Thomas is a likable and good main protagonist and the movie luckily doesn't feature too many needless characters in it, that potentially could have distracted too much from the movie its story and main characters. The movie maintains a good focus all throughout, even though the story itself remains somewhat flat and formulaic.

I just can't call it a very good and successful movie as well. It offers far too little surprises for that and the movie basically isn't doing anything new or special, at any point or time. The horror and gore of the movie also truly isn't anything special and I just sincerely doubt that this is the type of movie that's ever going to scare anyone, no matter how easily scared you are. So what's the point of watching this movie if it isn't anything too special or scary to watch? There is no point really. It doesn't mean that the movie itself is an absolutely terrible one but there clearly are better and more original genre movies you could watch.

Not bad, just not recommendable as well.


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