It's funny how every modern horror movie that I like is disliked by basically just about everyone else. Not saying that this is a great movie but it at least works out as a fun and original enough one within the genre.

Well, original-ish. It's not like I have never seen this concept get used before in a horror movie but it isn't the formulaic standard stuff you would normally expect to see in a horror that involves a bunch of young adults at a camp, somewhere in the woods. The whole reality TV and Eric Roberts his character's angle and story ensure that the movie is different from just the average modern genre attempt.

And speaking of Eric Roberts; Sure, he often stars in some absolutely horrible and cheap movies but his performance is never a terrible one as well. He's always quite enjoyable, no matter what type of role he's playing or movie that he's in. This movie is no different. He actually plays quite a big role this time around and definitely is the most fun and interesting character of the movie.

Another good thing about this movie is that it's not a totally serious one. It's actually more of a tongue-in-cheek one, that's a throwback to the '80's slasher. It's all what makes this movie fun to watch, especially when you are a fan of the '80's slasher genre of course.
The killings in the movie are also pretty creative and good ones to watch. The movie gets quite gory at times, in a deliciously over-the-top kind of way. Another indication to me that this movie was never meant as a completely serious and straight one.

It's still obvious all throughout though that things definitely could have been a whole lot better as well. Especially the story feels lacking at parts and it misses a good focus. It's basically following a whole bunch of different characters around, with each their own things going on, without really ever sticking to one or two main characters, throughout the entire movie. It's not that it lets the movie feel messy or confusing but it does make things somewhat bad and unpleasant at parts.

Not a great movie by any means but I definitely still had some fun with it!


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