Why do some movies even exist? This one is doing absolutely new or creative of its own and it besides is one extremely poorly done genre movie!

Here we yet again have a movie about a bunch of young adults traveling to a cabin in the woods, when strange things suddenly start to happen to them. Especially once they come across an ouija board of course! But don't worry, it doesn't get in the way of them drinking, showing some skin and talking about sex. Seriously, this movie is filled with all of the clich├ęs that you expect to see from a movie with a concept such as this one, featuring young adult characters.

Sometimes it's still OK to be formulaic, as long as the movie is a well executed one. That however isn't the case with this movie though. My main problem with it is that it's lacking any form of subtle. Sure, it's subtle and mysterious enough for the first 30 minutes or so but after that point it really isn't holding back anymore or even trying to be subtle and surprising with anything. It shows all of its ghosts, demons, zombies and whatever more, very prominently, without ever working out as anything scary or suspenseful for the movie. It's actually one random feeling movie once it turns into a full blown horror and it lets all sorts of crazy and unlikely things happen to its main characters.

The movie becomes all the more random once suddenly some characters start to pop up out of nowhere, that weren't even mentioned in the movie earlier on. It's all the more annoying that they actually start to play a big and important role for the movie and all of the already previously introduced characters get pushed to the background by these new characters, who you know absolutely nothing about. Not that the other characters are much better but just seems like and odd and bad thing for a movie to do.

And because the movie becomes such a random one, it starts to become an incredibly messy one as well. I don't even understand why certain things happen in this movie and how some characters got turned into demons. Perhaps I wasn't fully paying attention but then again, it's also hard to pay attention to a movie that's handling things in such an extremely poor way.

Judging by the phones used in this movie, this is a production that already finished shooting years ago and was collecting dust on a shelve somewhere, waiting for someone to pick it up and release it. Quite frankly I just don't understand why someone actually went through the trouble to pick this movie finally up and releases it to the world. It's such a formulaic and poorly done movie but I guess that there is always some money to be made with horror and that's also why this unfortunately won't be the last formulaic and poor genre movie that I'll ever see.

But please, don't be like me...don't go and watch this movie!


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