Just imaging "Inception" meets "Minority Report". No, it's now as awesome as it sounds but it's still a pretty good movie.

If you like psychological thrillers, than basically this is the right movie for you to watch. It has all of the typical ingredients in it, as well as a couple of surprises, that will leave you guessing till the end. It does a good job building up its mystery and suspense, though at the same time it's very obvious all throughout that more is going on than the movie is really telling you. You constantly know that there is a bigger mystery going on in its story and that toward the end things are going to completely turn around. The movie is bit of a predictable one in that sense. Not predictable with any of its development and twists but predictable in the way how things are set up and getting told like.

Also, here we have a movie with a concept of people being able to enter other person's memories, yet it absolutely never feels like a very imaginative or creative movie, in regards to its main concept. It's a surprisingly down to Earth movie and you may actually like this about the movie, or you'll end up feeling a bit disappointing by it, like I did. I wouldn't have minded some more fantasy aspects and creative visuals but basically all of the memories are shot like ordinary, straightforward, normal, average scenes instead, which felt like a real missed opportunity to me.

But because the movie is filled with so many twists and surprises, it remains a good and engaging movie to watch, all throughout. Every time that the movie starts to drag and repeats itself, it luckily soon after comes up with something new and fresh again, to help to keep things interesting. Not that every twist is as solid or convincing as the other but it's hard to come across a movie like this in which every single thing works out and every new twist is a better than the previous one.

Now, thing I'll say about the ending, without spoiling anything of course, is that it feels a bit rushed all. It's as if the movie originally wanted to have some more mystery and an open ending in it but this tested poorly with test audiences, so they had to change things around at the very last moment. It doesn't really feel right and it tries to wrap too many different things up at once, that didn't even necessarily required wrapping up in my opinion.

Not trying to sound too negative about this movie but it's obviously not a prefect one- or one that is as good as it potentially could have been. Having said that, the movie still remains a better than average one though in my opinion. It's an engaging, mysterious, psychological thriller, that I most definitely don't regret watching.

A perfectly watchable movie, especially if you are into psychological thrillers of course.


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