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Richard: The Lionheart (2013)

This movie is a bit of a weird one. It's about Richard the Lionheart but the movie in no way ever looks or feels like its taking place during the middle ages, or at a place that's even remotely close to England. Read more>

The Black Water Vampire (2014) 

Soooo, who's getting tired of these found footage movies? I sure am. Of course all found footage movies are basically the same in the way how they are set up and being told. Once you have seen one cheap found footage flick, you have seen all of them. Unfortunately it's a genre that's most likely here to stay, seeing how incredibly cheap and simple it is to make a movie such as this.  Read more>

I, Frankenstein (2014) 

It rarely happens that a big mainstream movie is truly a terrible one to watch. After all, it's made with millions and millions of dollars, has a well known and big cast and lots of experienced people both in front and behind the cameras, so how can it be terrible, right? But really, let me just say to you that this truly is one of the absolute worst big mainstream movies that I have seen in a long while. Read more>

A Stranger in Paradise (2013) 

Low budget, poor writing, bad acting, weak directing. Just four of the many different reasons why this movie is an absolutely terrible one to watch! Read more>

Last Vegas (2013) 

Guess it's fair to say that by now people are starting to be fed up with movies featuring old people playing old people, who are trying to be young again. It was something that was only popular for a short while and only worked out well in just an handful of movies. It must be part of the reason why this movie isn't really liked any better but in all fairness, it really isn't a bad movie at all.  Read more>


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