"Android Cop" eh? Jee, I wonder what movie this one is trying to copy.

It makes sense though. Back in 1987, when the first RoboCop movie was released, it spawned a bunch of knockoffs and wannabees, so it only makes sense for new knockoffs and wannabes to emerge now that the reboot/remake/re-imagining, or whatever, is right around the corner.

And yes, this in fact seems more like a knockoff of the 2014 new RoboCop movie (even though I haven't seen it yet), rather than the classic 1987 Paul Verhoeven one. It's a more modern feeling science-fiction movie and RoboCop's...I mean Android Cop's new partner for instance is an an Afro- American, middle aged man, just like in the new RoboCop movie.

But all of this of course isn't saying much about the actual quality of this movie. So how bad or good is it actually? It's bad, really bad! I'm talking about cheap B-movie level kind of bad, in which there barely is a script, the action is weak and all of the effects are fake and cheap to look at.

But lets start with the story. It's a big problem for the movie that Android Cop isn't much of a character in the movie. We basically know nothing about his past or how or why he ever was created, or by who. You won't ever feel attached to him, not in the least also because of Randy Wayne's performance. Truly a very 'robotic' performance (Larissa Vereza is still worse though!), in which he never shows any emotions or character. Sure, the Michael Jai White character is the lead in this but from a movie titled "Android Cop" you would expect to get a bit more Android Cop and for the movie to focus a tad bit more on him and his story. He's just a sidekick in this however and not a very good or engaging one.

It unfortunately is not the only problem with this movie and its story though. It's also a big problem that there isn't much of a conflict in this movie. The story really isn't anything solid and it's lacking some good suspense, surprises and overall creativity in it. It's also a real shame that the movie is lacking a good main villain. There isn't really one big main villain in this movie, unless you count the Charles S. Dutton one, which I don't really. Nothing threatening or evil about him, if you would ask me. Instead the movie is featuring a whole bunch of 'small' and seemingly insignificant villains in it, that are all poorly developed and handled by the movie.

The effects are the absolute worst though. The movie is featuring some horrible cheap looking effects in it and the movie as a whole is also never a good looking or feeling science-fiction movie, due to it that it hardly uses any good locations and doesn't have enough variety in it.

Really, you are truly far better off watching the much hated "RoboCop 3" instead. It's a better quality- and far more entertaining movie as well!


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  1. Looks a lot like the TV almost human, but not nearly as good.