Soooo, who's getting tired of these found footage movies? I sure am. Of course all found footage movies are basically the same in the way how they are set up and being told. Once you have seen one cheap found footage flick, you have seen all of them. Unfortunately it's a genre that's most likely here to stay, seeing how incredibly cheap and simple it is to make a movie such as this.

It isn't necessarily the lack of creativity and true originality that bothers me most about the genre but more the all too familiar framework of the movies. You just know that absolutely nothing is going to happen within the first 90% of the movie and nothing is really going to be revealed until the very end. Before that point, all you are going to get is see and hear people bickering and trying to find a logical and sensible explanation to things, before finally accepting that something spooky is going on and that there are higher powers at work. It's a tiresome set up because you already know beforehand how everything is going to progress and develop.

It's also always annoying how these movies pretend to be real documentaries, while they are never being told and shot as actual real documentaries. They always feature a bunch of scenes in them that no real documentary would ever feature, or any cameraman would even ever consider shooting. This often includes a bunch of expositions scenes, that don't make any sense within the context of a documentary, or even within a more straightforward found footage movie. When you are making a fake documentary PLEASE at least shoot and tell it like an actual documentary, if you truly want me and others to go along with- and believe things and take your movie seriously enough. This movie as it is is hard to take serious, due to its approach and the amount of far too calculated and distracting film-making and storytelling elements that are in it.

So isn't this movie doing anything new or surprising at all? Well, to be, absolutely not! You can perhaps think and say that it's an original thing for this movie its creature to be a vampire like something but simple truth remains that the creature is interchangeable with any other creature really. This movie might as well have been about Bigfoot, a witch, a scarecrow, Chupacabra and it wouldn't have changed much really.

It's besides weird how the movie is already revealing its creature on the cover and in some of the promotion material for the movie. Oh and lets not forget the title! It takes away most of the mystery and tension of course but I doubt that I would have liked this movie any better if it had a different and less revealing cover or different title.

Because of its lack of originality and the fact that this is a genre movie by the numbers, it also never could hold my interest. I felt bored for most part and I couldn't have cared less for any of the characters. Like most found footage movies, it's a mostly lackluster movie for most part, without any surprises in it.

I feel like I could copy & paste this review and apply it to every modern found footage really but that's simply because all of these movies are always doing the exact same thing and are also making all of the same mistakes.


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