Another low-budget horror flick that does absolutely nothing and really isn't worth watching!

Even though this movie is barely over an hour long, it still was very obviously struggling filling the movie. There are long, pointless, stretched out sequences, that don't add anything to the story or character development. Besides, the movie really doesn't seem to know what to do with its concept. It never becomes a remotely interesting, tense or surprising movie to watch.

Is it a creature flick? Is it a claustrophobic horror? It's trying to be a bit of both, without ever being effective or very creative with either approach. It 'borrows' heavily from other genre flicks but that really hardly is the biggest problem of this movie.

It never sets anything up properly and effective enough. This especially goes for all of its horror. The movie never builds up any tension or mystery and it just occasionally lets some creatures pop up out of the blue, every once in a while. It hardly works out as anything scary since it all feels far too random and all literally is coming out of nowhere. The movie doesn't ever offer any explanations either, which is also making this an incredibly simplistic and 'lazy' movie.

The movie only has 2 real characters in it but there is only so much you can do with just 2 characters of course. The movie in fact also does become a repetitive one after a short while and the movie also does feel much longer than it in fact truly is.

It's not only too much of a repetitive movie but also too much of a boring one. There really isn't ever enough happening in it and it's shocking how the movie handles its concept at times. I mean, sure it's a far from original concept but it at least it's one that potentially could provide your movie with lots of scares, or at least with a good claustrophobic atmosphere and some good, constant, underlying mystery and tension.

On a more positive note; the acting really isn't anything too bad, especially considering the material the actors had to work with. It was odd though that poor Natalie Wilemon had to act in nothing but a bra and hotpants, for about 70% of the movie. I probably shouldn't complain too much but it's just a bit too much and forced really. Having half-naked girls running around in horror flicks is so 2000's anyway in my opinion. I thought we were passed that stage already and it also definitely is something that this movie didn't need to have in it. Sure fine, let her show her bra in 2 or 3 scenes if you want to show some skin in your movie but for 70% of the complete running time? Comon!

Enough said about this really isn't worth your time and money. Move along, move along!


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  1. It's terrible! Had to switch off, "it's so beautiful" the lead actress said as she viewed the filming location, what? It was a freaking flooded gravel pit or something. Absolutely nothing beautiful about this film.