Well, here's a surprise; a sequel that's definitely better than its predecessor. Still can't say that this is a great movie as well though but I definitely enjoyed watching it more, compared to the first "Ninja" movie.

It's weird. This movie is made by pretty much the same cast and crew as the 2009 original but yet it feels like a much better movie, in just about every regard. It has better action in it, uses better settings, more interesting characters and a story...well, that's maybe just only slight better as the one in the original.

I'll be honest, I'm still scratching my head over the story. It doesn't always seem to be making a lot of sense and at times the movie feels all over the place with it but it at least doesn't take away any of the fun of the movie. The story besides ensures that the movie maintains a good and pleasant pace. There is no time to really ever think about the story, since the movie is such a fast going one, that's taking us to a lot of different Asian places.

But the one obvious thing that makes this a much better and more enjoyable movie than the first one is the fact that it features some better shot and more exciting action in it. Maybe it's also because the movie is less focused on just the 'ninja' aspects and more on martial arts in general. It definitely provides the movie with some better and more engaging fight scenes, as well as with some more diversity.

It feels like a more serious- but at the same time also more fun movie than its predecessor. It's more serious with its tone, characters, story and emotions but more fun with its many action scenes. There is a pretty good and effective balance between its fun and seriousness, which ensures that the movie never goes overboard with either.

It's probably also true that this is a more engaging movie to watch due to the fact that this time around everything is more personal for the movie its main character, who again is played by Scott Adkins. It's therefor more easy to get behind him and his actions and you truly want him to succeed and see him kicking some serious butt, despite of Adkins' lacking acting abilities.

It's still nothing more than a B-level movie really but at least it's a well made and enjoyable one. I could complain about a whole lot of things but simple fact remains that I enjoyed watching it, despite all of its all too obvious flaws and weaknesses.


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