Really won't say that Michael Caine is getting too old for this sh!t, also since his age most definitely isn't the biggest problem with this movie.

To be honest, I was liking the movie at first. It was nothing special but it was cute enough. I wasn't quite feeling the 'love' between the Michael Caine and Clémence Poésy characters but OK, it definitely still was amusing to watch all. And really, I wouldn't have minded the movie being a cute, little, romantic comedy for its entire duration but about halfway through the movie suddenly feels the need to insert some more drama, which however only works out as something distracting from the main story and its characters. It all becomes a bit too much and too sappy at points as well, which eventually definitely goes at the expense of the movie its credibility.

The movie definitely starts to go downhill once Michael Caine character's kids, played by Justin Kirk and Gillian Anderson, enter the picture. Suddenly the movie turns more into a family drama and just not a very solid or interesting one. The characters and the dynamics don't ever really work out that well and besides; before that point the movie was still being a pretty straightforward one but once the other characters show up in it, the movie gets filled with some mostly pointless and distracting side-plots.

All of the different side-plots provide the movie with some pretty unconvincing developments as well. I won't spoil anything for you of course but you'll probably know what I mean once you see the movie.

And really, it's not like you shouldn't watch this movie because it's a terrible and completely ineffective one. It still has plenty of good things going for it, such as its acting, pace and overall style but it's just that this movie could have been so much more than just an OK one. The movie as it is is pretty forgettable actually and that's a real shame.

I really wish I could say I liked this movie better than I did, especially after its fine and cute, warm first half. But the movie as a whole is a far from convincing and tight one, that becomes too melodramatic and has far too many needless distractions in its second half.


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