Scott Adkins definitely has a strong fan following but he's still waiting for that one movie to launch him to true stardom and make him stand out as the new Jean-Claude Van Damme, who he frequently co-stars with.

Sure, he has played in some big movies but he never plays the main lead in any of them. It so far are only "Ninja" type of movies in which he gets the chance to be the main lead but unfortunately none of those movies are much good really. And that obviously includes this one.

This movie definitely feels more like a typical, simplistic and mindless, '80's action flick, rather than an actual 2009 movie. And that's both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, it's fun as a throwback to the '80's movie but on the other hand, it also means that the movie is an incredibly simplistic- as well as formulaic one. It's all a bit too black and white for my taste...literally. The guy in white is fighting the evil guy in black. Somewhere there also is a story in this movie but does it even really matter? These type of movies are never about its story but more about its fight sequences and action instead. So is the action at least anything decent? Well, decent is the right word I think.

There is no denying the fact that Scott Adkins and the other actors of the movie have some great fighting skills but it isn't always shown in the most exciting or spectacular way. Some of the fights are too short and other feel too choreographed and predictable in the way they are set up. Sure, this movie still is enjoyable enough for those who enjoy a simple and straightforward martial arts flick but even they will have to agree that this movie is far from the best, most exciting or most original one that the genre has to offer.

And as I said; the story is really secondary. But perhaps that's a good thing, since the story of the movie is a far from solid or all that interesting one. The more sense you try to make of it all, the less sense things make. Really, you shouldn't ever be thinking too hard about things in this movie, or chances are it's only going to annoy and bother you.

I still feel and believe this is a watchable enough silly and straightforward genre movie but it's truly far from the best, most exciting or original thing that the genre has to offer.


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