Guess Quentin Dupieux his humor is not for everyone. Most people don't just don't like this movie, they absolutely despise it. Personally, I felt that I was on the same wavelength as the movie when it came down to its humor and I also quite liked it and laughed as well.

The humor is...well, hard to describe. It's absurd comedy, done subtly. It's the type of comedy and humor people praise Wes Anderson's movie for, with as a big difference that I don't like Wes Anderson's movies and i don't find them to be funny at all. So why did I like this movie then? There is no good way to answer that. Nothing more subjective than comedy. What one person finds funny, another doesn't. It either clicks with you or it doesn't. And when it does, just enjoy it and don't question the why's or the how's.

But it's true though that as much as I enjoyed the movie, I just can't call it a great one as well. It isn't really necessarily following a main story, due to the way how the movie is set up and getting told. It's a pretty simple movie, that's following some pretty simple and basic plot lines. The movie mostly just relies on its comedy and while it makes the movie an amusing one, it doesn't make this a particularly strong one as well.

I think that one of the main reasons why most people dislike this movie is because of its characters. None of them are very likable (hence the title of the movie) but that actually was one of the reasons why I thought the movie was being such a funny and entertaining one. The characters are over-the-top dumb and obnoxious and they do some absolutely despicable things throughout the movie, that however all was funny to watch in my opinion, due to how deliberately over-the-top and exaggerated it was.

Guess it's fair to say that when you like Quentin Dupieux' AKA Mr Oizo's music and video clips, you are also going to enjoy this movie. It all has the same sort of vibe and tone to it. This movie of course is also being filled with Quentin Dupieux his own music, which also suited the movie very well. In some story lines the music actually plays a pretty crucial part.

It's a bit too nonsensical and a bit too simplistic at times but overall I still really enjoyed the movie and it truly made me laugh as well.


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