A George A. Romero movie starring both Ed Harris and Tom Savini as medieval bikers? That's a pretty obscure sounding movie and I also hadn't even heard of this movie before. It's also definitely a bit of an offbeat movie, though unfortunately it's not really as fun or interesting as it all sounds though.

This actually is the first movie that George A. Romero made after his hit movie "Dawn of the Dead", which seems like a pretty odd choice. I mean, going from zombies to medieval bikers seems like a pretty unusual, though certainly original step. It also wasn't quite as successful as his previous movie though, so he soon returned to the world of horror and zombies after doing this one.

The movie itself...well, it exists. I mean, it's certainly one you can easily do without. It doesn't offer enough of anything. Not enough entertainment, not enough excitement and not enough story, which seems like an odd thing for a 145 minutes long movie. So what was supposed to be the big 'conflict' in this movie? Ed Harris his character's struggles to keep the troop together and their way of life going? It really isn't ever all that interesting or engaging.

Perhaps it's true that I simply was expecting something differently from this movie. Something more adventurous, something more fun, something more action-filled or something more 'silly' perhaps. The movie feels a bit too serious for its concept, without ever featuring any deep or thought provoking themes in it.

It's still good enough to watch though, which mainly is due to its original and unusual concept. Seeing bikers dressed up as medieval knights, performing at their own renaissance fair, jousting at each other is a pretty unique sight, to say the very least. Especially when their leader and 'king' is being played by Ed Harris, in an early role for him, alongside some Romero regulars such as Ken Foree and Tom Savini. It also features some pretty good stunt work and nice comedy in it, just never enough of any of it.

All in all a still perfectly watchable little movie, though it's nothing too special, fun or thrilling to watch, in my opinion.


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