Unbelievable! 9 years later and they are still doing "Saw" ripoffs.

So here we have yet another movie about a bunch of people who are all stuck in the same room together. It turns out that all of them have some bad history and they are forced to kill each other until there is one person left standing. Still probably sounds awesome and interesting to you but let me just tell you that there is absolutely nothing spectacular, tense, surprising, original or interesting about this movie.

First of all; there are far too many characters in it and each of them has far too much dialog as well. This especially becomes a big problem at the start of the movie when everybody is still alive and every single character is given far too much dialog that goes something to the extent of; 'What are we doing here?' 'Why are you doing this?' 'Why is this happening?' 'Just let us go!' 'I can't handle this' and 'this is insane!'. Seriously, that's how all of the characters spend the first few minutes of the movie talking, which is soon becoming something incredible tiresome and annoying to have to watch and hear. Besides, because there are so many characters in this movie, none of them ever gets developed that well. It's hard to care about any of the characters in this, since you just don't know anything about them, other than they presumable have done some bad things in their lives. It doesn't help much that most of the actors are absolutely terrible in this.

But hold on! There is a twist toward the end as well, in which it gets revealed why and how all of the characters ended up in the same room together. Unfortunalty it's not a very good or likely surprise and twist. It's even the type of twist that probably is going to anger a whole bunch of people.

The main story also really isn't anything solid enough. Instead of trying to find a solution, or a way out of things, all the characters do is argue about who should die next. Really, that's basically all this movie ever does, which again, is making this movie too much of a both repetitive and tiresome one. I genuinely do believe this movie still had some potential but it all went to waste, due to its lacking execution and uninteresting approach.

It's not the worst thing you'll ever see but it still really isn't worth watching either!


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