This is a pretty decent early slasher, that's not a particularly well made movie but an enjoyable enough one for the fans of the genre.

It's a very cheap looking- and therefor also kind of trashy movie. Yet, this at the same time gives the movie a eerie type of feeling to it. With its atmosphere, this movie actually feels more like a '70's productions, rather than one from the '80's. And who knows. Maybe this movie was indeed shot in the '70's but not released until a couple of years later. You just never know with these obscure, little, cheap genre flicks.

But perhaps it's simply true that this movie feels like a good 'old fashioned' slasher flick because it got directed by an Italian, who pretty much invented and perfected the slasher genre further, during the '70's. And indeed, this movie truly has an 'Italian vibe' to it as well, with some of its shots, killings and use of blood and gore. It really goes over-the-top with its blood and gore at times but that's all part of the reason why these movies are often so much fun.

And I had a pretty good time with this movie as well but I still can't call at a very good one too. It's a bit too messy and simplistic for that. It's too random at times and not everything feels connected to each other. The first half of the movie is for instance totally different from the second half, that also features mostly different characters in it and is taking a different approach to the story. Normally these movies tend to get worse as they go along but in this case, the movie is actually getting better and better, as it's heading toward its ending.

The movie is mainly a slasher but it's being a whole of different other things as well. There are all different types of horror to be found in this movie, which also does add to the messy and random feeling of it but also still works out well for the movie at times. There are some genuinely good and well build up horror moments in this movie, especially when it's still being a mysterious one and one that focuses purely on its psychotic killer.

Not a great movie by any means but still a good and 'interesting' one for the slasher lovers out there and those who enjoy trashy, cheap looking genre movies from the '80's, done Italian style.


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