Well, that was surprising. I wasn't too impressed with the "Jackass 3D" movie but this one, filled with "Jackass 3D" 'leftovers', was pretty enjoyable and hilarious to watch and I also most definitely liked it better than "Jackass 3D".

I can understand why some of the stunts from this movie didn't make the final cut in "Jackass 3D", since most of them are smaller, less elaborate type of stunts and jokes but this is the kind of stuff that made the Jackass series big and immensely popular in the first place. Just a bunch of guys having fun, coming up with random stuff, that often feel improvised on the spot and not carefully planned out or thought through, as was the case with most of the stunts in the "Jackass 3D" movie. It's all more fun really in my opinion, even when the stunts don't work out.

Another reason why I liked this movie better than "Jackass 3D" was because it had far less gross out stunts in it. It's all a matter of taste of course but I'm just not a big fan of any of that. I have no problem with seeing the guys bleeding and breaking every single bone in their body, while doing some insane stuff but whenever they gross each other out, by puking, peeing, pooping or by drinking/eating weird stuff, that just really isn't anything appealing or fun to watch for me. I rather skip all those parts and unfortunately "Jackass 3D" had a lot of moments like that in it. So thank goodness for "Jackass 3.5", that features far more appealing- and fun, 'classic' Jackass stuff, to watch!

I also do feel I got to see more of all of the guys in this one. In "Jackass 3D', some of the guys were hardly featured in it really and most of the time all of the guys also didn't appear all together, all at once. In this movie, they are together all the time and some of the guys that hardly had anything to do in "Jackass 3D", such as Chris Pontius, Dave England and Steve-O, are all featured very prominently in this one.

There aren't really any standout moments or stunts in this, which in this case is a positive thing to say. It simply means that the movie is a very consistent and great one to watch all throughout, since it also never bores or drags and never offends or becomes an unwatchable movie with anything.


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