Don't really know why this movie isn't liked any better. Perhaps some people take offense to its concept but personally I thought this was a pretty solid and also certainly original little comedy.

A bunch of priests cursing, fighting, drinking and having sex perhaps may sound a bit lame and makes this sound like a one note movie but the truth is that it's actually being a pretty creative movie with its concept and it luckily isn't just constantly repeating the same jokes and patterns over and over again.

The movie as it is is a pretty fun and entertaining one to watch. It's a comedy, so of course it isn't one to take very seriously. The movie itself certainly isn't. It loves to exaggerate with its comedy and horror elements at times, without ever making anything truly ridicules. In my opinion the comedy and concept of the movie works out well due to all of its diverse characters and the actors that portray them. I definitely liked Clancy Brown, in particular.

The story itself isn't really anything surprising but at least I can say that this movie does have a story in it. Thing that often annoys me about these horror comedies is that its story always comes secondary. This movie definitely feels more story driven, with its constant developments. But again, nothing too original or surprising really, so I can understand why some people won't like it and just can't get into this movie. It's an original movie with its concept and comedy but not really ever with its story and storytelling.

But of course the most important thing about this movie still is its comedy. It perhaps isn't one that is going to make you burst out into laughing but it definitely is one that is a constantly fun and very occasionally a funny one to watch as well.

Give it a chance. You may end up liking it.


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