This never sounded like a very interesting movie to me. I mean, a horror anthology movie, based around the five human senses? But in fact, this very same concept does turn this movie into a pretty original, as well as enjoyable one. Well, for its first two segment at least.

I admit, I was really liking the movie for its first two segments but after that, things rapidly started to go downhill for the movie. None of the segments are really that horror like but at least the first two segments were enjoyable ones to watch. The others really aren't. They are mostly stupid and nonsensical ones, that feel like they are missing a punchline to them. It's even somewhat annoying how stuff doesn't really ever gets explained and the movie isn't even really trying to ever make sense of things. I know this is somewhat typical for a horror anthology movie and most of the time I can forgive those type of movies for it, since they at least still bring some good horror and entertainment. This movie fails to deliver either, with the majority of its five, mostly unrelated, different segments, that all got directed by different directors.

But it of course also isn't all too uncommon for a horror anthology movie to feature both good and bad segments in them. Even the best anthology movies have their weaker moments and segments in them. It's however rare for them to feature more weaker than stronger segments, as unfortunately is the case for this movie. And it's not just like some of the segments are just weak but there is at least one of them that I would call just plain bad. I think you'll know which one I'm talking about, once you have seen this movie.

Still I'm not completely hating on this movie. I mean, just like basically any other horror lover out there, I always enjoy watching a horror anthology flick. And also since it's an anthology movie, that means that all of its segments are quite short. So even when one isn't being all that interesting or exciting to watch, it doesn't go on for long enough for me to feel completely hateful toward any of it.

It's definitely a watchable enough movie, with plenty of variety in it. Not everything works out very well but it never becomes an absolutely terrible movie to watch. At its worst moments, it's just a bad one but those moments never last very long fortunately.


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