This movie really took me back to the '80's, in a not so very positive way.

This is a ridiculously bad B-action movie. It has cheap production values, a simple and poorly handled story, that besides is a very predictable one. Nothing about this movie stands out or impresses in any way!

It's funny. There once was a time Asian movies were ripping off American ones but this one does the opposite. I think it's fair to say that this is the first "Serbuan maut" ripoff. Or at least the first that I'm aware of anyway. It's a movie set inside a prison, in which a Black Ops soldier with martial arts skills needs to fight his way out, floor for floor, room for room. And yes, this mostly is a martial arts movie as well, though less impressive obviously.

It still is the one main thing that I liked about this movie; its action. I often prefer good old fashioned hand-to-hand combat over elaborate shootouts. And I admit, the fights in this movie are pretty good and entertaining to watch. But that at the same time is just about all this movie has to offer, which isn't enough to save the movie in this case.

I really have no idea how the likes of Sean Astin and Danny Glover ended up in this. It's not like this is a very big or challenging production for them, with a well know and established director at the helm. On the contrary, though I actually liked Tony Giglio's submarine action movie "In Enemy Hands" but i'm a minority on this.

They try to spice up the story but throwing in a few surprises and additional characters, which however only provides the movie with all the more predictable and formulaic genre moments. It besides makes the story a pretty messy one to follow at times. Most of the time I didn't even really knew what was happening and who was supposed to be on who's side. And it's really not because this movie features such a complicated and greatly written story in it. It's a very simple, yet confusing and messy movie, which is an accomplishment on its own.

Just watch "Serbuan maut" instead! Even if you already have, do yourself a favor and watch that one again. It's the movie that this one aspires to be but doesn't even come remotely close to the same level of entertainment, originality, action and excitement.


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