"Project X" with a supernatural twist! And no, trust me on this people, the movie is not as lame, immature or silly as it sounds. It's actually a surpassingly clever and subtle movie, that handles its concept well, in a both entertaining and engaging way.

i think it's best to watch this movie without knowing in advance what is going to happen in it, or what it's all about. At least that's the way how I watched it and it in my opinion made the movie a more fun and surprising experience. And really, just because this movie can be seen as a supernatural thriller, that really doesn't mean that it's a completely silly and exaggerated and completely serious movie as well. It manages to find a both realistic and entertaining approach to its story, which works out really pleasantly.

I basically had a good time watching this movie. I had fun with it and it constantly kept on surprising me. It surprised me with the story and the directions it was taking with it, as well as with its quality. Normally I feel that these sort of smaller productions are too busy trying to be different and creative but don't focus enough on actually telling its story. This movie actually feels far more 'mainstream' and is a very straightforward one with its storytelling, without ever becoming anything too formulaic and predictable as well.

One of the other reasons why the movie worked for me and why it was such a pleasant one to watch was due to its characters. Yes, here we actually have a that features some likable teen characters in it. The acting was really good as well, which of course also helped the movie a lot.

What I liked about the movie and its themes was that it's supernatural elements were used not only to help the story to move forward but also to develop and flesh out the characters better. It provides the movie with more layers, which helps to keep things interesting to watch. The characters start using the weird circumstances to their own advantage, while at the same time trying to figure out what is happening and how to stop things from truly going out of control and become a danger for them and those around them.

Throughout the movie I kept on wondering how it possibly could end. It made me a bit worried to be frank and indeed the movie its ending...well, it's an ending! It doesn't exactly go out with a bang or does anything incredibly clever or surprising. Won't say that it's a disappointment or something that ruined the overall movie for me but this movie deserved something better and more clever really.

Nevertheless, "+1" is a sweet little, unique, surprise that turned out to be way better and more engaging then I ever thought it would be! Great directing, great acting, great story (for most part). In other words, nothing but good reasons to go and watch this movie!


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