Nothing wrong with an indie flick, as long is it's telling a good and compelling story. I just can't see what this movie was trying to tell or achieve with its story though, making this a shallow and pointless experience.

Biggest reason why this never became a very interesting or effective movie to watch was because of its main characters. He's actually pretty much a mystery all throughout and it never feels like we truly get to know him. This already creates a sort of distance between the movie and its viewers, making it hard to ever feel involved with anything that's happening on the screen. He besides isn't all that likable in my opinion. He makes some pretty weird and illogical decisions at times, if you would ask me. But again, this also comes across that way because we never really get to know the main character in the first place.

And how about his journey/story? Is he learning about life? Is he progressing as a human being? Well, kind of but not really in the way I liked it. The only time he seems to be progressing is when he finds religion but all of it comes pretty much out of the blue and also in the long run isn't adding all that much to either the movie its story or that of its main character. The movie is lacking a good clear point and it's not interesting or convincing enough as a random slice of life type of movie.

Positive thing I can say about this movie is that it's never really a bad or boring one. While watching it, it never felt like I was wasting my time with it, though afterward I simply had to conclude that this movie gave far too little. It's lacking in the story and character department and the humor and some of its situations are a bit too far fetched, in my opinion. You should either make a movie like this an entirely realistic and convincing one or you should play play things completely comically. This movie is trying to do both, which causes neither of it to ever fully work out as something effective.

This really still is a watchable movie, especially if you're into this kind of independent stuff. It's good looking, well directed and it features some good acting in it but story- and character-wise, this never becomes a very interesting movie to watch. At least not for me.


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