Well, the movie as it is isn't a terribly bad buddy cop flick but I still had plenty of problems with it.

Of course the movie is trying to be original by instead of featuring two male leads, feature two female cops as the movie its lead characters. The only problem though is that some of the genre specific comedy just works out better with male main characters involved.

Here's the problem with crude female comedy; When guys get rude with a person, in lets say another average buddy cop flick, they do it with a reason. They try to get information for instance or are simply joking around and messing with each other, in a brotherly type of way. When female characters get rude they do it because they genuinely don't like a person. Or at least that's always the way it feels like. The two main leads, played by Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, are basically rude to every person, for absolutely no good reason and really mess with some 'innocent' people, all in the name of comedy. No wonder most people don't like cops. It are movies like this that give them a really bad name! So, every time Melissa McCarthy starts yelling at someone or cusses someone out or throws a phone book at some person, it feels like she is doing it because she is genuinely angry and not because she is passionate about something or is simply trying to get the job done. It's hard to like characters like this really, when they are mostly rude and extremely arrogant ones and do some absolutely despicable things at times.

But oh well, at least the movie, surprisingly enough, doesn't ever get too annoying with its comedy and characters. And yes, there are some good laughs in this movie but I wouldn't exactly call this a laugh-riot. Most of the jokes are pretty formulaic but they are well executed nevertheless. It makes this a watchable enough comedy but just nothing I would ever recommend to anyone.

I also can't really tell you much about the story since this appears to be one of those type of movies in which its story comes secondary. The movie is all about setting up the next joke and crazy situation, rather than being busy trying to tell a coherent and engaging story. It feels a bit messy all, since the movie definitely loses its focus at times. In its core, the story also feels a bit too simplistic and formulaic, causing the movie to never rise above the level of average.

And really, Melissa McCarthy isn't a bad actress and she's genuinely one of the most talented female comedy actors out there but I wish she would start playing different roles. She's playing the same type of rude and loud, obnoxious characters in every movie, which isn't a weird or uncommon thing for comedians to do but in her case it's starting to become a bit tiresome and she's most likely also perfectly capable of doing different and far better things.

It's not as bas as you probably fear it is and maybe it's actually even the best buddy cop flick in recent years but that still doesn't make this a standout- or hilarious type of, perfect, comedy.


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