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This movie is a bit of an odd case. It's done by a big studio, has a semi-well known director and a pretty impressive cast involved. Yet, the movie hasn't been picked up by most countries yet and it seems that this movie is doomed to disappear into obscurity.

On the one hand, it's not hard to see why people thought this would be a good movie to make. It's a perfectly generic thriller, that has basically all of the right genre ingredients present in it. But at the same time, that's also the biggest problem of the movie. It's a totally unremarkable one, that doesn't offer any real surprises, or any true good tension or mystery.

It's yet again one of those thrillers that's mostly set at just one location, in this case a penthouse. Movies like this could work out as tense and claustrophobic ones but not this one really. It just isn't really ever creative enough with anything so everything that happens is quite predictable, especially once you have seen 1 or 2 movies like this already. It takes away most of the tension from this movie and aside from not being very original or creative, it's also lacking any other sort of truly good or interesting story- and characters developments in it.

Hard to say if this movie is lackluster, or if it's suffering from a slightly, too much, lacking and slow pace. But fact is that it too often feels like not enough is happening in this movie. Saying that it's boring would perhaps be a bit too harsh but you shouldn't watch this movie expecting to get lots of excitement or action out of it.

The movie is pretty typical for Joseph Ruben's career. None of his movies are ever truly terrible but none of them really stand out either. He's a very mediocre director, of some very mediocre movies, this one included. No, also this movie isn't terrible in any way but I just don't think I would ever recommend it to anyone.

Sure, it's pretty fun to watch Michael Keaton as a villain in this and Michelle Monaghan is also a pretty good leading lady but that's about all that this movie has to offer really. It doesn't have a very good, clever, or surprising script, no real action, no good tension. Just a very average and generic thriller that never becomes terrible to watch but one that you shouldn't really be watching in the first place, because of how average and generic it is.


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