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Sometimes it's hard to tell what the film-makers tried to do and achieve with their movie. Were they trying to make a genuinely good genre movie, or were they just having some fun and decided to play certain things deliberately bad and goofy? It's really hard to tell in this case but it's hard to take this movie serious as a horror/slasher.

It's one of those shoestring budget horror flicks from the '70's, with poor sound and that looks absolutely terrible as well. It uses some poor (but still creative) effects for its gore as well but all of this of course adds to the fun and charm of the movie as well. Still it's an absolutely horrendous movie to watch, regardless of your love or passion for bad cinema.

The foremost thing that makes this movie absolutely terrible and even painful to watch is because it's an incredibly stretched out movie. Scenes just go on and on, with endless painfully bad dialog and acting and without offering any excitement or fun to its viewers. And even with all that stretching, the movie itself is still only around 70 minutes short. Needless to say that it feels much longer, which isn't a positive thing to say.

It just feels like this movie has no idea what it's doing. Seems to me that the film-makers had an idea, wrote it down, on a single piece of paper and decided to make a movie, based on this one idea of having a serial killer who kills people at a drive-in theater, with a Samurai sword. I admit, this sounds just awesome but this is all that the movie was able to come up with really. It really isn't good or awesome enough to base an entire, full length, movie around. This probably could have been a pretty decent 10 minutes short but stretching this movie out into 74 minutes was a very bad idea and makes this movie an absolutely terrible and painful one to watch.

It never has a pleasant flow or pace to it and the movie too often repeats itself, without having any likable enough characters in it as well. As a matter of fact, I don't even know who was supposed to be the main character in this. Probably the two incompetent cops, who both look too much alike and just aren't fun or charismatic enough to serve as decent enough main characters for the movie.

Without a single doubt, this is about one of the the absolute worst movie the genre has to offer. It isn't fun (aside from its killings), it isn't very thrilling, it isn't all that original and just overall a very poor movie, on all fronts.


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