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This really isn't a terribly exciting or tense thriller to watch, which all mostly is due to its lacking concept really.

Problem with the movie is that it treats its main premise as something incredibly tense, while in fact it really isn't. It's annoying, the way how this movie is taking itself so seriously. Every character is so on edge, or evil, for no real good reason.

Perhaps it would have worked out if indeed the scheme of the movie its two main characters, played by Haley Webb and Josh Henderson, was something dangerous and daring from the get go but the way I saw it; their scheme was just something stupid. Stupid but harmless, so why make it seem like something incredibly tense and dangerous? It just doesn't work out that way. Making a good thriller doesn't mean that you should let every action and character come across as something potentially dangerous or threatening, when there just is no real good or apparent reason for any of it.

The premise itself was also a bit too simplistic and straightforward really. The movie tries to throw in all sort of other developments and 'twists' but it's never anything believable or something that adds to the movie its thriller aspects, in a positive or effective enough way.

It also really isn't a very well made movie. The editing was especially lacking and the pacing wasn't even the biggest problem but more the way how the movie makes sudden cuts at times. It feels like entire scenes are missing from the movie at times, with certain required reactions by its characters and story conclusions in it.

It's a thriller that adds absolutely nothing new to the genre. Once you have seen at least 3 other, any given, thrillers, you have seen this one as well. It isn't even really trying to be creative with anything and the few 'suprises' that it has in it hardly make an impact, due to the movie its poor storytelling and handling.

Just annoying to watch mostly.


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